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Simmons Endurance Coaching: Find A New Gear

Simmons Endurance Coaching offers you comprehensive and professional coaching services that are individually tailored to meet your needs.

Before we get started, you can expect to have an initial consultation, either in person or over the phone, where we will talk specifically about your experience in sport, your history, your goals, and your other life commitments. Then, after doing some sport specific testing to find your baselines, I will create individualized weekly training plans for you to follow. Through regular email and phone communication I will be assessing your progress and altering your future training accordingly, putting you in the best possible position to achieve your goals

I am available on an unlimited basis to help you determine your seasonal racing schedule, including picking appropriate tune-up races along the way to your ‘A’ Goal race(s). I am also happy to consult with you about training and race day nutrition, pacing strategies, injury prevention, time management, and of course, your mindset. I believe it is possible to put it all together!

I can also help you with bike and gear recommendations. I am certified and trained in bike fitting. And good running shoes and wetsuit – while they won’t necessarily make you faster – will make you more comfortable and able to train better with less chance of injury. Other key areas, I can help you with are choosing a tri kit, nutrition selection, and a good multisport GPS watch.

How fast can you go? Become a Simmons Endurance Coaching Athlete, and I will help you Find A New Gear.


  • Triathlon Coaching – $225/month
  • Single Sport Swim, Bike, or Run Coaching – $100/month

Are you interested?

I would be happy to give you more details regarding my coaching services or talk with you about your specific training needs. Please call me at 808.228.4654 or email me at